The singing comic book

It was only a matter of time before the singing comic book was brought to life- unless of course he forgets to cut holes in his pristine plastic covering and collapses in a heap deprived of oxygen! As a kid I bet you always dreamed of having your favorite comic book superheroes leap out from the pages before you and embark on wild adventures with you through your hometown, slaying dragons, saving pretty women from burning buildings and taking advantage of x-ray vision.

Who knows what the possibilities are now that the singing comic book has been created. Limited editions will forever be a hit in the comic book store, with some die hard fans lining up overnight just to get their hands on a copy and lose themselves in the land of make believe- now we’re taking it to a whole other level.

What will the world come to when all of your comic book stars come to life in human form yet are trapped in the plastic sleeve unable to escape into reality?! Can you imagine how long the oxygen supply would last in there before it is all consumed? Unless of course if you’ve practiced breathing using superior singing methods… Only you can set them free in time! Don’t let yourself be lost to the conforms of being a grown up with all those adult responsibilities. Break away from the status quo, ignite your imagination and be taken back to the days where you could close your eyes and then transport yourself next to your superheroes.

You don’t have to be the lone wolf in the crowd, as all nerds will band together to transform the minds of all grown ups taking life a little too seriously. One by one you will use all of your superhero strength to save the inner child within every adult that has fallen victim to life’s hardships!