Where to Get Inspiration for Comics


Comic stories form an important part of civilization. They are used for guidance and understanding when faced with uncertainty and insecurity. Stories facilitate learning, growth and empathy. Stories take us to wonder worlds and allow us to interact with people out of existence.

The heroes in comic books inspire people in their daily lives. Any story including yours, has enough power to affect a change. Mechanics of a story seem to be simple but composing one is a demanding task. A simple idea can be converted into a great comic story.

The first step of writing a story is identifying the inspiration that will take you through the writing process. Once you get the idea you can proceed to other decisions like the role of each character. These are the insights on where to get inspiration for comics.

Inspirational Scrapbook

You can put together an inspiration scrapbook. There are ready made ones which can be purchased at art and craft stores. Alternatively, you can make one with a notebook paper and a binder. Gather packs, wrappers, newspapers and magazines. Cut out any funny illustrations. Use tape or glue to attach these scrapbook pages.

You can then go ahead and flip through to obtain an idea. All the illustrations in a scrapbook tell a story. These include; its origin, purpose and age among other characteristics. This helps your mind in bringing plots and characters to life. You also collect images from the internet and store them in a CD or any other digital storage.

These images can be obtained from video games, movie screenshots, album covers, cartoons and vintage print ads.

Art Magazines

There are many magazines which analyze historical comics. They have both recommendations and criticism. They also illustrate fine art in detail. Among them are ImagineFX and Watercolor Artist. They allow you to keep track of the trending techniques.

Reading these magazines allows you to learn new techniques. It allows you to go through the work of others for more ideas. These provide motivation and inspire you to write something new. Speaking of more ideas, feel free to share with us some of yours by contacting us at this page.

Art Books

These also form a great source of inspiration. There are many art instruction books available. They teach you about artwork and different techniques to ignite your creativity. They also illustrate different author’s point of view.

Art history books are also a great source. They profile famous artists including Max Ernst, Claude Monet and Andy Warhol among others.

Movie Books

The making of movie books is also another source. These are books that go behind the scenes of a movie and explain its development. They talk about the origin of the script, concept art, costume design and production stills among others. There are many movie books for famous films like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. These guide you through film creation and animation while giving you writing ideas.

More inspiration is also obtained by reading different comic series. These cover a long period of time from your childhood. You can also borrow ideas from movies. Develop the habit of writing down any word, phrase or comic sentence that comes to your head. Your personal experiences can also inspire you to write comics.