Commentary from Dan

The following is quoted from Dan himself:



September 15, 2015

I’d drawn autobio comics, but this is the first journal comic I ever drew. I forget, but it was probably Drew Weing with which I first became familiar with journal comics from. Although I believe I had read some of James Kochalka’s  journals in some print anthologies before then.  I remember setting out to attempt what he was  doing because believe it or not it was a fairly novel idea in the beginning of the 2000. I was never quite as prolific as Drew or James Kochalka, but I feel that I’ve put a large catalog behind me over the years.

I honestly have no idea who I was working with during this comic but I do remember the other girl from the first panel if not by name exactly.

Anyways, it was years later that I learned it was spelled Cremaster. Apparently the director was married to Bjork or something. For those interested there’s more info about the movie Here.